Check Out These Beauts!

What a great Parade! I won't post all of the fabulous entries here - (you can find them on my Flickr page) - but here are several that knocked EVERYONE'S socks off. Please excuse the dark photos - had the exposure set on 4000 accidentally and had to tinker with them. Doh!

The Milan Car by David Best:


Our Lady of Transportation by Amber Eagle


Hen A Tron II by Pomponio Napumucino



Percy Peacock by Sam Jones

Closer view:

I understand there were some AMAZING parties this weekend - that I missed. But did I really "miss" them? Nah! I can truthfully say, I've had my day - I can let the Baby Goddesses carry the torch for now...

Speaking of Baby Goddesses - checkout this burgeoning chick!


Jocelyn said…
I gotta have my 5-year-old look at these. He'll accuse me of never taking him anywhere fun.
LIghtKeeper said…
Great shots! Love "Percy Peacock" car! Glad you made it, and didn't even have to miss Ya Ya's ballgame!
BOSSY said…
If those cars can pass inspection, Bossy can't see what's wrong with one little failing tail light.
Casey said…
Hi, there, I found you via Mrs. G. You're the friend of Rick Noriega, yes?

Those are amazing cars. I want that henmobile to drive to the grocery store.
Anonymous said…
I need the chicken. Need it.

Those are amazing :-)
Mrs. G. said…
That is one cute wild thing. I would totally drive the Henatron.
I love the art cars! I'd move to Houston for them (not really). But I've longed to paint my boring old mini van with flowers to do something to kick it up.
Duane said…
Love those cars. There are a bunch of vintage cars here - a whole Morris Minor club in fact. But, let's be honest, they are octogenarian cars driven by octogenarians. (not that there's anything wrong with that). I miss the art cars. - D
Melanie said…
Man, we live in the wrong city.

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