Photo Booth and the American Girl Phenom

I purchased my first Mac this Spring. I learned computing on my company issued PC laptop and stubbornly stuck to that platform in light of Baby's almost evangelical stance as a MacHead. I finally "gave way" this year (I hate being told what to do) and I have to say - I was wrong Mama! REAL wrong! Here's one of the reasons why:

YaYa loves the built in iSight camera and the Photo Booth application and has started a whole new portfolio of herself and her YaYa friends. The special effects available are endlessly entertaining, and I am liking the creativity involved!

                                   She has fantastic eyebrows - No?

                                   Glub, Glub.

                                   V. Cool

               I'm sure this is a "mistake" but I love the chaotic composition.

                                   Yikes. What is that thing?

                                   Future Cirque du Soliel!

                       Did you know that YaYa is an Octuplet?? 
                                   (Have you seen John and Kate + Eight?? Gah!!!)
The picture option is great as you can see - but Photo Booth also has a VIDEO feature! YaYa has made multiple videos - most of them featuring her and several of her friends doing the SoulJa Boy dance. (don't tell me - I know - someone explained the meaning of the words to me the other night. I was freaked!!)
This feature of Photo Booth presents a dilemma - I will never be able to delete any of the videos and I wonder how much hard drive space they use. Hmm - another trip to the Apple Store may be in order!

Oh well - one of the videos is actually topical this week - a sleepy YaYa and her American Girl Doll: 

(removed at the request of YaYa) (Tooooo embarassing! MOOOOOMMMM!)


Mrs. G. said…
That Cirque du Soliel picture is the bomb! It rivals the real thing.
Jocelyn said…
Can't. Leave. Comment.

Off to buy Mac NOW.
Those photos are terrific! Wow... and we just saw the American Girl movie, and I hate to admit it, but that movie was perhaps the best children's movie I've ever seen. Just super. Love that Julia Roberts is the Executive producer. . .

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