My Brain is Still in the Bahamas

I know, I know - how 'bout some news? The news is - I wanna move to the Bahamas! Wha!!!

Been in a bit of a blogging slump but am now inspired to say this:

Uhmmm - Dang!

Ok - I feel a bit freakish and guilty checking out this sweet 23 year old BOY. His mother and I are probably close to the same age and that totally creeps me out. But still, Dang!
That's all.

Except for this:

Oh and this - your introduction to paradise. One evening on Elbow Cay, I decided to walk to the north side of the island and check out future rental properties. (I'm always planning the next vacation...)
The north end is quieter than the south end and can only be accessed by boat or golf cart..

The scenery was terrible! - the bay and the lighthouse on my left and over the dune on the right, the sound of surf crashing...

After a while I became quite bold and decided that a few of the homes needed further inspection. I could tell they weren't occupied - hurricane shutters in place and no AC compressor noise - so I felt safe doing a bit of exploring.
A cherry tree, loaded with fruit, greeted me at the end of one driveway..

The gardens were beautiful - terraced, leafy and private...

It's a woman's home - Ruth's Ridge - a quiet and lovely place to rest and let the creative juices flow...

 and as I walked up the dune, this is what greeted me on the other side. A private staircase to..


(click to enlarge - do it! The colors are amazing...)


Mrs. G. said…
Stop it! I work hard to look at him as my son-you're not helping.
Optimist said…
HI Mrs. G! You caught me in composition mode. I have added mucho guilt to my description of that sweet child...
Jocelyn said…
These photos have me on my knees, wishing my life were different.

And I don't only mean the Phelps photos.
Casey said…
Mmmm. Bahamas! Thanks for sharing those lovely photos. Sounds like a divine trip.

Michael Phelps? Lord, have mercy.
Barbara said…
I say chuck it all and just move to the Bahamas. My old mechanic did just that about 5 years ago....

beautiful pics
Anonymous said…
I love your beautiful pictures.

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful comments of "Sunshine's" blog. It expresses my wishes completely.
Wayne said…
Sorry it posted anonymous.

I spotted your blog on Sunshines blog. I couldn't let you pass without commenting on you picture of the Great Dane. She is just like mine, a fawn coloured bitch.

They are such lovely dogs. Mine takes up most of my bed and we have to fight over who get the pillows.

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