This Cracks Me Up -

Last night we got a wild hair and Mama took YaYa to the Demi Lovato concert. YaYa let her freak flag fly!! (FFF)

Mama (feeling very Mama-ish) enjoyed the ruckus and was especially moved by the quality of the opening act's voice - David Archuleta. The other Mamas there were a but stunned to meet someone who had never heard of David Archuleta. Hmmm... How much popular culture am I missing by not watching American Idol? (very small forehead wrinkle...then a shoulder shrug...)

I haven't let my FFF lately. Things have felt serious - lots of forehead wrinkling. I think I will put those concerns aside today and concentrate on smoothing out those wrinkles. I am going to learn to cook quinoa. So there.



LIghtKeeper said…
Love Ya-Ya's Freak Flag!! Bebe Girl is awesome ... like her Mom. Let it fly, Bon, like only you can!
Carol Davis said…
I would have been screaming with Claire as well if I'd gone :P Love it!!!

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