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Facebook is fun. It's also annoying as hell - especially when one of your friends (in this case a relative) spews never ending and really ignorant bile aimed at the current administration. I would love to roast said relative - but am employing good manners and appropriate FB etiquette. Instead, I will post Mr. Cranky's rant regarding the politics surrounding healthcare reform on my very own blog which very (and I mean very) few people read.... :) Just call me chickenheart.

No Longer a Christian Nation

What would Jesus Do on healthcare reform? Apparently, he’d scream all sorts of slanderous insults at the top of his lungs, call our President a Nazi, and tell the uninsured to go die in the streets like the money-grubbing suckholes that they are.

Keep in mind that the vocal opposition to healthcare reform is the Christian Right. It’s time to stop pretending that America has any form of Christianity that actually resembles real Christianity. Christianity used to be about helping thy neighbor, but now it’s just some bastardization of religion whose main tenets are: “Fuck the government. Fuck the poor. Let’s make sure I keep what’s mine.”

You can be sure that whenever a complex issue comes up, a huge portion of the American people will run in circles screaming at the top of their lungs in fear because they’re simply too stupid to understand anything and too willfully ignorant to educate themselves when information is so readily available. The right-wing and the Christian right have concocted an anti-healthcare reform platform that’s so filled with lies that it’s hard to know how to combat it. Surely, if they wanted to start a “World is Flat” campaign, they could certainly convince their constituents that the “World is Round” folks have just been shoving some giant government conspiracy down their throat for the last however many years.

These morons have been referring to healthcare reform as some kind of Nazi propaganda while being completely incapable of connecting the two (because there is no connection). These same morons have been willfully utilizing completely debunked criticisms as well: government takeover (debunked), illegal immigrant insurance (debunked), death panels (debunked) – the list goes on and on. And this is all in an effort to make sure the uninsured – the poor – stay uninsured. The irony is that the uninsured end up going to emergency rooms and driving up the cost of healthcare, costs that are put on the American taxpayer anyway.

A further irony is that the parents of all these idiots are likely on Medicaid or Medicare, a government run healthcare system that works quite well. Another irony is that old people are largely against healthcare reform, citing the “government-run” thing as their main criticism, despite the fact that the government runs their healthcare. I say that if you’re old and have the gall to oppose healthcare reform, we pull your Medicaid or Medicare and let you fucking die as soon as possible. And if you’re one of these Christian right-wing idiots and your parents are taking from the government, we let them die too.

After all, this is the mantra of our Christian nation: fuck the government, fuck the poor, give me what’s mine. Man, that Jesus must have been a hell of a guy.


LIghtKeeper said…
BRAVA, Ms. Cranky, BRAVA! Kudos for printing Mr. Cranky's piece of mind.

I too, wish I had the courage to put this on my FB. And yet, I've no desire to open myself to debate with radicals who have been off their meds - yelling accusations and threatening to "kill". There's no win-win in a debate where the loudest voice hears only him or herself. It effing scares me.

It continues to baffle me, too; the oxymoron of claiming to be Christian, lovers of Jesus, pro-life, all while screaming hell and damnation over that with which they vehemently disagree. At the very least, it's bad manners.

I can only shake my head, and on my FB page, I'll continue to "Block" the Polls, and the ranting of the haters. I'll quietly lend my energy toward those issues which I do support, especially for those who are striving in earnest to figure out the messes, and who are way smarter than me.

In the Law of Attraction, when you fight against something, that's exactly what you attract -that which you do not want. To focus energy toward what you do want - brings more positive results.

Love and Peace.
Seriously, I'll choose the Love and Peace.
Barbara said…
Mr. Cranky tells it like it is. Let's cut the PC and get to the heart of the matter. When did American politics get so UGLY?

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