Ba-Rack the Vote!

My cynical neighbor (whom I love..) invited me to the Obama rally at the Toyota Center last night and I went. I figured I needed to the check the vibe and hear the speech.
First of all I have to say - my neighbor isn't as cynical as I thought. She was Fired Up!!
I was probably one of very few "on the fence" types at the rally - but I liked what I heard. He wants to bring our troops home and end this ridiculous war. That's enough for my measly vote. He wants to CHANGE things - and I am all for that! I think a relative new-comer in Washington is probably a good thing and I like his Optimism (naturally...).

So why am I feeling sad this morning?

I thinks it's because I fear the Swiftboaters. I fear what the press and the "conservatives" will do to him (and to us). It's gonna be ugly and I don't want to watch it or hear it. I have disaster fatigue already and I am sick sick sick of the bile they spew.

On the Houston 10 o'clock news after the rally, there was a piece poking fun at the "Hope" Obama promises, how he's the new guy, how hard it is to create change and how we should all beware of a big 'ol Texas-sized let-down.

Obama says that hope doesn't equal "blind optimism" - hope is what drives us to make meaningful change. It's what drove women to fight for the right to vote - it's what drives all people to better themselves and their situations.

I hope he brings our troops home and reassures the World that America isn't the enemy. I hope he reads Sunshine's blog!

That's what I hope.


BOSSY said…
Love the blog, love the politics, love the Dane photo, love everything.

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