The Secret Boyfriend Phenomenon

Several of my favorite "bloghers" have Secret Boyfriends and I must admit that I too feel the need to feature and pay tribute to some outstanding members of the opposite sex. Why though? I have the most fabulous husband in the entire world. He is my dude, my man, my guy, my friend, my "hot tool-belt wearing hunk", the person I love most!! What will I call him on my blog? Baby, I think - with a Texas twang. /baaay-bee/ (he would say, "that's MR. Baby to you!")

"He my main dude - she my main thing - we don't need nobody else!"

It's just that there's something kind of fun and "writing on the bathroom stall door naughty" about having a secret boyfriend feature.

As far as naughty goes, Baby says "it's fine with me honey, as long as you bring it on home!".
OK then.

Here is the first of many crushes: (I am a Gemini after all).

Ahhhh... Adrien Brody..... sigh.

Oh my, oh my, oh my! It's the nose you know - I imagine a kiss would involve a careful tilt or even a sudden forceful bending... Mmm, mm, mmm, mmm, mmmmm!

Adrien has played some scary, bizarre and powerful characters. I haven't seen all his films, but when are they gonna cast him as a romantic lead? Did you see him kissing Halle Berry at the Oscars? I mean! I am waiting...

For more on that amazing nose, his kiss and the intensity of his gaze - check out this freaky but delicious video. Brings a whole 'nother meaning to "you complete me".

Photos Courtesy of Google Images


pamela said…
Darlin' (also in southern drawl) ... I so get your crushy on Adrien. For me, it's his gaunt look ... sunken cheeks that make me wanna take him home and feed him. A guy ... that makes me actually want to cook? Now, that's hot! xo*sista

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