Spred Love

Dear Ones -

Please check out this video that my new friend, Brene Brown, put together this week. Our girls are members of our new Mother-Daughter Book Club. A month ago we agreed to read A Little Princess, and we met to discuss it over the weekend. I didn't know what to expect (having never been a Book Club member before - but always wanting to be!). The hosts totally had it together. Before we sat down to discuss the book, they had crafts for the girls - care packages for the homeless, toy bags for children in crisis and the notecards you will see in the video. The sun was shining through the window - and the light was great for photos. The energy in the room was amazing.

BTW - check out my YaYa. She's in brown and her card says, "Spred Love". She's getting a kiss from me in one of the shots.

HopeREVO is a project dreamed up by Krystyn Heide. She started leaving anonymous hopeful messages around New York City and her Hope Revolution has "spred" as you can see!

YaYa took her cards out to dinner that night and left one in the ladies bathroom at the Hobbit Cafe when we first arrived. She checked on it an hour later and it was gone! She was thrilled and slyly checked out all the tables in the restaurant to see if she could find "her person".

Thanks Brene! (the Official CEO of HopeREVO Houston) :)


Barbara said…
What beautiful cards! What a kind and generous sentiment. So good to see so many kids and moms getting creative and spreading the love. Good on you, mate!

Love that music, too....may have to download.
LIghtKeeper said…
This video is beautiful, the idea and loving intentions of the project are beautiful. Very touching, Optimist.
Spreading some wonderful pay-it-forward gifts with these children - you are.

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