She's got me Spinning..

I was driving home from work today and thinking about an article I read in the Chron covering Hillary Clinton's "statement" regarding Obama's pastor. I think he explained his position quite clearly and effectively and that should be the end of it.
If you haven't read or heard his speech, do yourself a favor and click here:
Obama keeping it Real

Anyway, I am dismayed that the negative campaigning continues between DEMOCRATS! How amazingly stupid. I fear we will blow it yet again! Don't they realize what is at stake here? The environment, our country and our souls (mine at least) just cannot handle another 4-8 years of a Republican regime. I saw a hilarious article on Alternet yesterday about how the progressives need to stop being so politically polite and get mean (like the conservatives)!
I would love to have the following bumper sticker:

There are two types of Republicans - Millionaires and Suckers.

Finally, I have a great deal of respect for Hillary. However, I am not happy about the infighting and the Chronicle article made me remember a Nick Anderson (our neighbor!) video that I just adore. I thought I would add it here for your listening pleasure. : )


Mrs. G. said…
I was shocked by the big deal made by the press regarding Obama's pastor's remarks. I got what he was saying and really can't understand why anyone would have been threatened or offended. I have such respect that BO stood up for this family friend and didn't throw him under the bus. If the Dems screw this one up, I will have to become a hermit.
I am hopping on Mrs. G's cart here. Big deal! Clearly, most of the nation has not heard of Black Liberation Theology. Particularly poignant, given that is a legacy of MLK, who was killed forty years ago, tomorrow. If the Dems blow it, I may have to move to another country. I've said that the past two elections but this time, I mean it. Really. I couldn't stand four more years (or 8). sigh. . . .

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