11 years - I feel so lucky!

This is my Dude. He is a sweetheart. Can't you tell? He is a sensitive soul, a funny spirit and will be a good hearted man. He is an expert NASCAR 08 driver, makes a mean quesadilla and learned how to rip-stick in about 5 minutes. He constantly amazes me - his perfect grades, his inability to lie about anything and his depth of empathy for others. He just turned 11 years old and I have to say, these last 11 years have been more wonderful than I ever anticipated. I love being his mom. 

I started this post with the intention to share the fact that he is a reader (like me!). But I got carried away with what a great guy he is. I will post more about his amazing self in the future - but let's get back on task shall we?

Aw heck - just one more look at his sweet self... He's always had fabulous hair.


What do adolescent boys read? This question came up on one of my Yahoo Groups the other day. You walk into a book store and there is a huge amount of reading choices for girls this age. But what about the boys? One mom on the board needed suggestions. I checked out Dude's bookshelf just now and this is what I found:

The Black Stallion Series - I bought the entire series in hardback on Ebay. I loved them and so did he.

Chronicles of Narnia - he read straight through.

The Lord of the Rings - he read the Hobbit and now is into the Two Towers.

The Little House on the Prairie series - not just for girls!

The Bartimaeus Trilogy - you will love this too. A good choice for reading together - some big words that he found difficult last year.

The Series of Unfortunate Events - he loved these. (I find them mind-numbingly repetitive - but he really dug them).

The Warrior Series by Erin Hunter- just getting started with this - his friend has devoured them all.

 Indiana Jones - He read all the movie ones and is now delving into the others. There are a lot of them and there is even a series of Young Indiana Jones!

He also has Spiderwick, The Edge Chronicles, Peter and the Starcatchers and lots of Roald Dahl on his shelf. He also loved the Eragon books. Waiting for the third! 

I was thinking about this and am so excited I have a fellow reader in my son. The tipping point for his interest in books was Harry Potter. We went to a midnight opening at Borders a few years back (Book 5 I think it was), and as we stood in line he saw the LightWedge that has a Harry theme. I bought it for him and it has made all the difference. He started reading at night with the lights out (I think he felt he was getting away with something) and the habit has continued. He stayed up till midnight (eeeek) last night reading. 

I wish there was another big book event coming up I could take my 8-year old YaYa to that would spark the same interest! Any ideas?

Isn't she fabulous? She's reading The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew!

Aww - I just can't help it... What a schmoopy!   xoxoxox


My 9 almost 10 daughter LOVED the Penderwick books -- about a big family of girls. Maybe that will get her going? Trixie Belden is also a nice tomboy alternative to Nancy Drew. Maud Lovelace's Betsy and Tacy, and A Wrinkle in Time worked for my daughter! Happy 11 to the man!!
lewister said…
That's an impressive reading list! There is a lot of great stuff out there for this age group right now. I'd also recommend the Inkheart trilogy from Cornelia Funke. And others of hers. Oh, and almost anything by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. Just finished Muddle Earth by them and it was a hoot.

For your daughter, I know my friend's girl got caught up with Judy Moody and Junie B. Jones when she was about 8. (I loved the Peppers! Had totally forgotten about that one.) Oh, and Pippi Longstockings!
Mrs. G. said…
Eleven is the best age for boys-you have so many wonderful days ahead with that cutie.

Book Titles:

The Sisters' Grimm series
Penderwick Books

Check out the Chinaberry site for great suggestions.
Jocelyn said…
My 8-year-old daughter is big into CAM JANSEN right now (all those mysteries). We're off to see the new American Girl movie this weekend--although she only thinks she likes Kit Kittredge, having never read one of the books!

Congrats on that beautiful boy.
Barbara said…
Happy Birthday to the "Dude." And, yes, he does have great hair. I think he got it from his mom! I am going to share your picks with Dean who is also a voracious reader.

.....maybe he'll share some of his recommendations.....when he wakes up!

xo, b

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