Get the Funk Out Ma Face

I'm with Mrs. G - a serious end of school year FUNK has settled in blogwise (and otherwise) and though there has been plenty of blog fodder to relate to you - I just couldn't seem to think about it in an entertaining, endearing or even informative way.

I'm not going to blame this on aging, I'm going to blame my increasing inability to sort my thoughts on TBD. (too busy disorder).
May was a doozy - juggling the end of school with a science project and book report/diorama in the last two weeks! 5th grade graduation! Whaaa! Bullying 5th graders making Dude's life miserable! Whaaa! Being in charge of a Campout, the teacher's last day of school breakfast, the end of year 2nd grade party (now I know how to use a popcorn machine!), the end of year 5th grade Field Trip! The end of softball (thank you Jebus for not letting YaYa make the summer tournament team!) and Ballet! Not to mention my JOB. Uh Hello?

Anyway - enough of the pity party. I'm over it now and REALLY enjoying summer. It's so nice not to have an activity EVERY night of the week. No morning drama! No last minute, "Oh NO! I forgot my math homework!" drama. The children are sleeping in and starting to complain about boredom. Excellent. I even felt motivated to COOK dinner the other night! (thank you Pioneer Woman)

I'm focusing on work - my company just got bought by a Giant Japanese Pharmaceutical Company. I still have a job (a good thing) and am taking my time, making decisions about my next move. (Should I cool it or should I blow?)

In the meantime, I have decided to Vote Republican!


Mrs. G. said…
Love the video! Hang in, your funk will pass. I'm starting to come out of it. I think your right about the source-no time to slow down and too much time on the hamster wheel.
Nicole said…
Love this! I already lost "friend" readers (who were Republican) of my blog from posting something about Clinton and Obama. Oh yeah, and about raw food. Not that I had READERS, mind you, but I did have some readers. And now there are a few less than the few I had before that. So, all that to say, YOU GO! I'm now a mite paranoid about my blog, which makes me upset. I'll get over it...but I'm slow to recover from stuff like that. Did I mention it was a "friend" or two? *sigh*
Barbara said…
I hope the dog days of summer settle in and that life becomes SLOOOOOOOW. Slow and quiet is good,overextended VERY, VERY bad.

Peace to you my friend.

But, PLEASE, don't vote Republican.

xo, b

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