Here's an articulate bunch of True Americans... I am sold! I especially like guy with the huge cross saying he just happened to be in DC cause he wanted to see the Capital. I guess he drags that cross around with him all the time. Cool.
Watch out for them evil Czars!

There's been a lot of discussion over this one on Facebook this morning. One of my friends posted this with a reference to Dumb and Dumber - she got a reply back from someone screeching FREEDOM!!!! - we have the FREEDOM to think what we want to think and say what we want to say - and my friend is UN-AMERICAN for calling these people dumb.


So now you are a g.d. commie-pinko to call an American idiot an idiot? I agree that it is way beyond awesome that we have the right to think and feel and express our views freely. But freedom isn't exactly free - with Freedom Comes Responsibility - I heard that somewhere... :)

With our freedom we have the responsibility to educate ourselves, to maintain intellectual curiosity and double check our facts. Don't be screaming Fascist! and Socialist! when you don't know the frickin meaning of the term! To protect freedom, we have the responsibility not to sit on our asses getting spoon fed information (that could be biased - or even, yes, a lie!) and then go spewing it in all directions without checking to see if the info is correct. It's irresponsible, lazy and yes, DUMB. It's scares me and angers me - because a willfully uneducated MOB is a dangerous mob.

I like this from Wikipedia - (I'm too lazy to go find my political science textbook in the attic) : )

Socialism refers to various theories of economic organization advocating public or direct worker ownership and administration of the means of production and allocation of resources, and a society characterized by equal access to resources for all individuals with an egalitarian method of compensation. In Marxist theory, socialism is a transitional phase between capitalism and communism characterized by unequal distribution of goods and compensation according to work done. Contrary to popular belief, socialism is not a political system; it is an economic system distinct from capitalism, an ideology expounding the setting up of an alternative system, using intervention.

Fascism comprises a radical and authoritarian nationalist political ideology and a corporatist economic ideology developed in Italy. Fascists believe that nations and/or races are in perpetual conflict whereby only the strong can survive by being healthy, vital, and by asserting themselves in conflict against the weak.
Fascists advocate the creation of a single-party state. Fascist governments forbid and suppress criticism and opposition to the government and the fascist movement. Fascism opposes class conflict, blames capitalist liberal democracies for its creation and communists for exploiting the concept

This concludes today's lesson. Tomorrow we will cover Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism and several other ism's that will also confuse and scare the shit out of you.



LIghtKeeper said…
You R my Hero(ine)!!!
Chuckk said…
From what I can find, Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed the first "czars" and Reagan appointed only 1. More info?

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