Mental Illness

Was just reading Maureen Dowd's latest column Boy Oh Boy, where she discusses her reluctant realization that all the fuss over Obama this summer really does boil down to this - racism.

I've been feeling this way for a while. There is no other way to explain the ferocity and hatred his opponents display. It's not just the rednecks and illiterates that are guilty! I am hearing it from old friends of mine - people who are otherwise rational, intelligent and caring beings. The extent of concern goes way beyond what you would expect from a mere republican reaction to having to pony up more in taxes or fear of government getting bigger. They didn't freak out when government grew by leaps and bounds under Bush!

The first comment after MoDo's article really hit the mark for me and sums up what I've known all along:

"The saddest thing is, people aren't just angry with the fact that we have an African-American president. They are angry with the feelings within themselves which are activated by seeing such a symbol. Racism becomes not just an attitude at this point as it does a mental illness."

Mental illness is correct. You simply cannot rationalize this extent and expression of hatred and fear. I am certain that if the opponents of Obama's agenda were to sit down and read one of his speeches - the address to students, last week's healthcare reform speech, the Yes We Can speech - without knowing the author, especially the color of the author, they would recognize a true American Voice.

Another commenter mentioned how it is time for those of us who support our President to stand up for him and do it as loudly and as proudly as possible. My fear is that the lunatic fringe will succeed in marginalizing this intelligent, thoughtful and devoted American. After all, his poll numbers are down - not everyone who voted for him is supporting him. Strange and scary. What did they expect "Change" would mean? (that everything would stay the same???)

Let's work together to get this change enacted and to counteract the hatred and fear. Ya wit me??


LIghtKeeper said…
Yes, I'm in. I'm down with that, Optimist!

As for the polls, they continue to baffle me. I'm always looking for who gets polled. No one has ever asked my opinion!

Oh, happy me! ... when I found this web site (says it's non partisan), "You Gov Polling Point", who conducts surveys over the internet about public affairs.

I don't know where, or if, or how it counts, but I'm sure having my say about a lot of issues - at least on these polls!

Thanks for speaking out!!

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