Coolness Alert!!

Many of my readers, (all two of you) know our friend Scott Parazynski, father to Dude's friend and YaYa's friend, husband to my friend and all around Renaissance Man. I mean really, not only did he graduate from Stanford Med with honors, compete in Olympic Luge events, complete 5 successful Shuttle Missions, 7 Space Walks, and is a really NICE guy, he is now scaling Everest. 
(my friend is fit to be tied)

Nevertheless - this is amazingly cool. (FREEZING - I understand)

I am following his team's progress up the mountain at the following blog:

I had no idea the incredible detail involved in an Everest attempt. One of my favorite things I've read so far is the list of gear Scott took to Kathmandu. (the Assistant Scoutmaster in me is totally Jonesing). That can be found here: Gear List

So log on and adventure vicariously with Scott!


LIghtKeeper said…
Optimist, I think this is has got to be one of the top contenders in the extreme coolest adventures and achievements of a lifetime! (with respect to his long list of successes, this one really pushes the limits of a mortal).
I hope you & the kids get to see his, "what I did on my Spring-break vacation" slide-show when he comes home.
I'm loving the Gear List (and secretly noting a few essentials I've got in my winter-gear box stashed in a friend's closet somewhere in the Rockies ... well, mostly the capilene unders, gloves and insulated pants!)
I'm with you, "Jonesing" over the whole adventure and all that it entails. Will be watching the team's progess on their mountain blog. Thanks for this!

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